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Fast Heat Mica Band Heater For Extruder
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Mica band heaters are the ideal solution for high watt density and high operating temperature applications, especially for the plastics industry.Mica band heater can be found in several types of dimensions, wattage, voltages and material.Mica band heater is an inexpensive form of heating solution to external indirect heating. And strip type is also very popular. Mica extrusion machine band heater use electric heating (Ni20Cr80 wire) to heat-up the external surface of drums or pipes and high quality mica material insulated.

To maximize the surface-to-surface contact, our mica heaters are carefully rounded and formed to optimize the grip on a machine barrel. The external metallic protective sheath of Hongtai band heaters is made of a special alloy, which expands less than the barrel when heated. This difference in thermal expansion makes the heater grip the barrel firmly once it is energized. This improves heat transfer which extends the life of the mica band heater.



Industrial Heater

Mica Band Heater

Resistance Wire

Ni-Cr 80/20


304 stainless steel



Heater Voltage

120V 220V 230V 240V 480V standard  
(other voltages available on request)

Max temperature

550 degree Celsius




Wattage Tolerance

+5%, -10%

Resistance tolerance

+10%, -5%

Voltages available

240V, 220V, 120V, 110V. Others available on request.

Max operating temperature

482oC (900oF)

Max watt density

4W/cm2 (25W/in2) recommended

Min / Max diameter

25mm (1 Inch) / 1525mm (60 Inch)

Min / Max width

19m (¾ Inch) / 460mm (18 Inch)


All band heaters available with earth wire.
Moisture and water resistant seals available.
240V ac standard. Other voltages available on request.
Terminal connectors with or without terminal boxes available.
Various plug options available.
Bands can be manufactured as 1 piece or 2 piece construction.

Ordering Information

To order any Mica band heater, please provide the following details: Inside Diameter, Length, Wattage, Voltage, Lead Length, Lead Style.


1. Injection molding

2. Injection molding

3. Plastic extruder

4. Container, pipe, or tank heating

5. Pharmaceutical Applications

6. Food industry Applications


Mica band heaters are available with different structures and models. Maximum performance and ease of installation are two major considerations when selecting the construction style of a Hongtai mica heater. The following are the most common construction styles.


1. Mica band heaters-2 pieces


2. Mica band heaters- 1 piece (with metal strip)

3. Mica band heaters-with holes


4. Mica band heater- with thermocouple bracket


5. Mica band heater-partial coverage model

6. Mica band heater- with hinged construction post terminals 


7. Mica band heater-cone shape with barrel nut closure


8. Mica band heater-U-shaped model


9. Mica band heaters-square model



With 20 years experience, Hongtai Alloy is your trusted source for quality fast heat mica band heater for extruder as one of the leading suppliers of various heaters in China. Providing you with the most competitive price, we welcome you to buy the heater from our factory.

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